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Learner Driver Guide

Learning to drive is a life skill. There's 4 million professional jobs in the UK alone that require a driving licence. It opens the door to greater freedoms and flexibility. Here's some things you should know before you get started on the road.

Using GoRoadie

  1. Why choose GoRoadie for your driving lessons?
  2. Frequently asked questions

General Information

  1. Apply for your first provisional driving licence
  2. Your first driving lesson
  3. Complete guide to the Theory Test
  4. Complete guide to the Practical Driving Test
  5. The differences between a UK and International drivers licence
  6. The differences between manual and automatic cars
  7. Top Reasons People Fail Their Driving Tests
  8. 5 things you should know before taking driving lessons
  9. What to look for in your first car


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