Smart diary management for driving instructors

More freedom and less stress with your new paperless diary.

Saving you up to £280 per month with our all-in-one, smart diary manager for driving instructors.

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GoRoadie Pro Home and Week view

Dozens of easy to use, time-saving features

All the capability you would expect to run a successful driving school, super-charged with GoRoadie Pro.

Pupils icon Pupil and waiting list manager
  • Live Waiting List
  • Digital terms agreements
  • Capture pupil availability
  • And more…
Lessons icon Lesson and progress tracking
  • Pupil lesson reminders
  • Sync external calendars
  • Next lesson suggestions
  • And more…
Finances icon Payment and expense monitoring
  • Photo-scan receipts
  • Export specific financials
  • Week, month & year accounts
  • And more…
Pupils icon

A more effective and efficient way to manage your pupils

Manage your current pupils and waiting list with ease, giving you time back, every day, week and month of year.

  • Pupil List

    Everything you need at your fingertips

    Glance key information and search to find exactly who you need.

  • Live Waiting List

    Automatically updated and maintained

    Pupils check in every two weeks to let you know they’re still waiting and we get them to give an update on their availability.

  • Pupil Overview

    The full picture for each pupil

    Contact details, progress to date, availability, remaining lesson package time and more, all in one place.

  • Digital Terms Agreement

    Paperless agreements delivered instantly

    Use our detailed terms, provided by veteran instructor and expert trainer Bob Morton, they can be customised to your needs.

  • Learner App (Early July 2021)

    Keeping your pupils updated, every step of the way

    All of your learners can sign into their own personal dashboard where they can see upcoming and past lessons, all their notes and progress and update availability and details.

  • Contact Import

    Dozens of pupils? No problem

    When you set up the app you’ll be prompted to import your contacts. Select the pupils you want added to GoRoadie Pro and their profiles will be set up automatically.

  • Become GDPR-compliant

    Avoid keeping records of pupils beyond what's necessary

    Keeping your pupils and records in GoRoadie Pro, means you wont forget to remove a contact once the threshold on GDPR passes.

GoRoadie Pro Pupils view

Faster than the competition

Not only is GoRoadie Pro faster and better than using a paper diary, but adding a new pupil or upcoming lesson is three times faster than using competing apps.

It's very easy to use, everything in one place. I really like it.
The Plus button

Add anything, quickly.

The Quick Menu button is available across the app so adding new pupils, lessons, expenses and more, is just a tap away.

I absolutely love the app! It’s so easy to use and is well on its way to making life a lot easier for PDI's and ADI's.
Lessons icon

A digital secretary with rock-solid lesson scheduling

Focus on teaching and let GoRoadie Pro sort everything else out.

  • Add a lesson in 1, 2, 3!

    Finally, an app that's faster than a paper diary

    All you need to do to add a lesson is choose the pupil, a date and start time. Lesson duration, vehicle, locations and type of lesson are automatically set, and quick to change. With Smart Suggest, you’ll be recommended start times that fit your schedule.

  • Lesson Reminders

    Reduce no-shows at no additional cost

    Your pupils receive a confirmation when a lesson is added to your diary, a reminder before your cancellation window expires and a final reminder the day before. This means no more manually texting or chasing pupils.

  • Lesson Check-In

    Giving you the power of flight

    The day before a lesson, a reminder asks your pupils to check into their lesson. Lesson Check-in gives you peace-of-mind by sending you a notification and updating the lesson details, when your pupil confirms their attendance, so you know they’re still committed.

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment

    Automatic, paperless and hassle-free

    Whilst COVID-19 is still in our communities, Lesson Check-In also includes a risk assessment to help keep you and your pupils safe. It saves you time in or out of lessons and removes any need for contact.

  • External Calendar Sync

    Bring your calendar together

    Your lessons can be synced to your devices calendar. This means, if you ever decide GoRoadie Pro isn’t for you, you don’t need to lose your lessons. Better yet, if you have a calendar for a franchise, you can connect it to GoRoadie Pro and see everything together and will even highlight conflicts, so you avoid double-bookings.

  • Fill Nearby Open Slots

    Book in available pupils without travelling far

    GoRoadie Pro helps optimise your day by allowing you to offer an open lesson slot to pupils nearby between two lessons. Saving you time from trying to work out who’s where and who’s available. First come, first served.

  • One-Touch Sat Nav

    Directions exactly when you need it

    Your Home screen shows your work day and highlights your Up Next lesson. If you’re not sure where you’re going, just tap ‘Directions’ to jump into Sat Nav.

GoRoadie Pro Lessons view
Finances icon

Saving you money at the end of the tax year

GoRoadie Pro makes it simple to record the payments you take and easy to capture the expenses you incur, with full control of what’s exported for your accountant.

  • Managed Financial Export

    You’re in control of your export

    Select the dates and pupils you want to export when it comes time to file your taxes. GoRoadie Pro will process the data and send a spreadsheet on to you, ready for your accountant. Saving you money at the end-of-year.

  • Photo-Scan Receipts

    Take the hassle out of expense tracking

    No more need to fill your glove box with fuel and food receipts. Simply take a photo-scan of a receipt when you purchase and it’s recorded and backed up. Now you’ll be able to get tax back on everything. You’re Making Tax Digital, ready.

  • Digital Payments

    Request payments in-app, giving you peace-of-mind

    Digital payments are contactless and paid up-front, meaning the money is already secured for last minute cancellations. We simply a small 1.9% service fee, typically just 55p per lesson, which is the same as services like Square and cheaper than Zettle.

  • Simple Financials

    Keep on top of your cash flow

    GoRoadie Pro makes it easy to track and log all your financials and the weekly, monthly and yearly summaries ensure you know exactly where your business is at.

GoRoadie Pro Finances view

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

GoRoadie Pro is free until August 31st 2021.

We're running a 2 month free trial of the app, open to any ADI or PDI. The app will then cost £12 per month, so about the price of one coffee per week, or just half a lesson (and its tax deductible). Every new customer receives a 1 month free trial too.

What features does the app have?

Good question! Pupil, lesson and finance tracking, of course. Lesson reminders and pupil progress tracking is all in there too. Notifications keep you up to date when a pupil pays for a lesson. We’ve got a few super secret features that we’re not talking about yet, but you’ll see when you’re in the app.

How can I export my data?

You can choose to automatically sync all lessons to your Android/iOS calendar. If you decide not to use GoRoadie Pro, we can export all your data out for you, no problem. You are never tied in. It's your data, so you can take it wherever you go!