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Everything to know about learning to drive in Leeds

Leeds, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pass rates in Leeds?

The national average pass rate is 47%, unfortunately the pass rate in Leeds is lower. Currently the rate is sitting at around 33%. The reason for this is that busier towns and cities generally have a lower pass rate and in Leeds, well the test centre is in a busy urban area. However, if you get plenty of practice in and around you should be fine.

How many lessons will I need to take in Leeds?

It really changes from learner to learner. When you book a Leeds driving instructor they will happily be able to give you an estimate. The national average is 47 hours with a fully qualified driving instructor and an additional 22 hours of private practice with a family member or friend are recommended.

How much does driving tuition cost in Leeds?

Based on the data from GoRoadie Leeds instructors, the average cost of a lesson in the Leeds area is £26 - you can get from as low as £12 per 30 minutes up to £35 for an hour. This means the overall cost of your tuition in Leeds could cost you £1,222, for 47 hours of paid tuition. However, many of the Leeds driving instructors on GoRoadie offer bulk bookings that will help drive that price down.

Where are the best places to practice driving in Leeds?

Confidence is king when getting on the road and to passing your driving test. We recommend using retail parks for manoeuvres, specifically or the car park at Stanningley Rugby Club on Coal Hill Drive (don't use that at weekends). For general driving, near Temple Newsam car park, has a roundabout and plenty of areas for you to practice. Before you test, make sure you are comfortable on the A58 and A64.

Some more information about learning to drive in Leeds!

Leeds is the 3rd largest city in England, so as you can imagine it is quite busy. Leeds is a city in the northern English county of Yorkshire. Leeds is known to be the exciting fairer city, as it is friendly and filled with green spaces.

Leeds offers the best of both an urban metropolis and sprawling green landscapes. Once can enjoy a thriving city and nightlife, but you're a short journey away from incredible scenery. Check out Yeadon Tarn, the Meanwood Valley Trail and other green spaces nearby.

Since Leeds is one of the busiest cities in the UK, be mindful that the roads will be quite congested.

Leeds has a population of 474,632 (from 2011).

How to keep the cost of learning to drive down?

The best tips to save money whilst learning to drive is to buy bulk lessons. On average the UK learner driver needs 47 hours to pass - plus 22 hours of private practice.

This means, if you calculate the average number of sessions needed (47) and the average price of a lesson in Leeds (£26) you are looking at £1,222 to learn to drive.

That is a lot of money - but driving is a skill for life. It can help you gain employment, travel, and create everlasting memories.

Top tips for saving money on driving lessons

  • Buy bulk lessons - you can save £££s straight from the fully qualified driving instructor.
  • Get in some private practice - Jump in a car with a friend or family. The more time you spend in a car - the faster you pass.
  • Keep up your driving lessons - Try and take 2 driving lessons per week and don't take time off. You will be a lot more likely to retain information the more often you have lessons.

Top tips for starting to learn to drive in Leeds

Here are some of the definitive tips for learning to drive in the Fairer city.

1. Get used to the busy traffic on the A64, in and around Leeds.

The road begins near the Woodpecker Junction and leads onto the York Road. This is a major route through Leeds, so feeling comfortable navigating and moving through traffic will do you right for being ready for your test. Ensure that you can merge on to the A64, overtake and pull off the road.

2. Know your test centre.

There are several test centres in and around Leeds. Make sure you know which one suits you - Hillcrest House, Horsforth, Bradford, Wakefield, Heckmondwike, Bradford (Heaton), Huddersfield.

3. Get used to the M1

Since the new law has passed that allows learners to drive on motorways with their driving instructor - you can now get onto the M1 and practice driving around Leeds, to Wakefield and back. Gaining confidence on these roads are key to passing your test and becoming a great driver.

Manual vs. Automatic Leeds driving lessons 🤷‍♀️

We have compiled some advice for picking manual or automatic transmission. Here are the benefits for all.


Cheaper tuition and cheaper car

You can legally drive manual and automatic cars

You can control vehicle with higher precision.


Quicker to learn - fast to route to freedom

Don't have to worry about clutch control or stalling

Electric cars are currently all automatic

Once you pass, your licence is automatic only. An additional test is required in order to allow you to drive a manual.

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Leeds Driving Lessons

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You can easily look at the driving instructors here, see who is right for you with zero pressure. You can read our reviews, look at our vetting process, and essentially book your driving lesson. Before you know it, you will be on the roads in Leeds!

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Leeds driving test centre locations

There are several Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) test centres in Leeds and surrounding areas that specialise in Car tests. Hillcrest House, Horsforth, Bradford, Wakefield, Heckmondwike and Bradford (Heaton). Have a look on the maps below to identify which one you should pick for sitting your test.

Tip: Pick the test centre closer to your pickup location.

Instructor Services in Leeds, UK

Instructors in the Leeds offer a variety of different services that they offer for driving students who want to learn to drive in different ways. These services could help you learn faster, receive more feedback, or become safer drivers overall.