Startup Story

Cappuccino by Ali Yahya

Introduction to Remote Working

With the spread of Covid-19, remote working is going to be used more and more in the coming weeks and months. In the last 3 months.

Kennedy Space Centre by Bill Jelen

How to get the most out of an accelerator programme

Joining an accelerator is exciting for many individuals and for many startups - here are tips on how to get the most of the your time on them.

Person holding $100 by Artem Beliakin

Why Frugality is Important to Startups

For startups, often before investment or at the Seed / Pre Seed stage. We need to accomplish more with less. That's where Frugality comes in.

Sparks by Christian Escobar

How GoRoadie rediscovered it's spark again ⚡️

September 2019 was awesome for GoRoadie in terms of Key Metrics. We smashed bookings and revenue. What a stellar month everyone said... It didn't feel it.

Charting Goals and Progress by Isaac Smith

The importance of measuring actions

Building a web applications is a fairly common practice in 2019. It's important to understand how often features are used and not used.


How to bounce back from setbacks

When building a startup, especially at the beginning, there are moments that can make the founders question themselves and question the business.


5 Advantages of Building a Startup with a Co-Founder

Sometimes, some of the early-stage founders ask for advice on building a startup and without a doubt my advice every time is, find a co-founder.

Whiteboard photo by Kaleidico

Giving your teams the why and not the how boosts performance 📈

Many organisations treat engineers, designers, and managers like resources to achieve business results. Transform your business by involving them sooner.

Stop Sign photo by John Matychuk

5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Writing Goals

At some point in the year, businesses usually start talking about goals and spending time setting them. Read our guide on how to set goals that will keep the business on track and keep staff motivated.