About Us

GoRoadie helps driving instructors and learners find each other.

Built by a small, 2-person team in Dundee, we are dedicated to connecting learner drivers with the driving instructor that suits them, while creating tools the help make instructors day-to-day easier.

8000+ Unique students
450+ Registered Users
Less than 24 hours From instructor sign-up to first student


Founded in April 2016, GoRoadie launched as a beta in January 2017 offering prospective driving students the ability to find the instructor for them.

Initially, only released in Dundee, GoRoadie is being shaped and molded in our home town before spreading out to the wider UK audience.

During 2016, we spent time crafting the platform, speaking to local driving instructors and building something that they would find useful.

At the start of 2017, we managed to bag our first student. From that point, we have been moving faster and faster. That meant we need to introduce payments to cover our outgoings on servers, data and advertising in May. Before doing so, we met the active driving instructors and made some major improvements to accommodate payments.

In the coming months we are looking improve our user experience, add new world-class features and to increase the number of instructors in Dundee, and to launch in our second city - Edinburgh.

GoRoadie Timeline


Michael Carr

Michael Carr

Michael shapes the company vision and drives growth and technical innovation at GoRoadie.

Barry White

Barry White

Barry leads the design and user experience at GoRoadie, helping hundreds of learners find their ideal instructor.

Press & Reviews

“Signed up and got business within a few days. Great customer service.” Ken Melville via Trustpilot
“Searched for driving lessons and roadie was one of the first links. The site is easy to use and the different driving instructors were clearly shown … I would highly recommend GoRoadie as a way of getting started with driving.” — Malcolm Marshall via Trustpilot
“I found the site easy to use and almost immediately got a booking through from a new client. I would never have met them had it not been for GoRoadie.” — Alex Martin via Trustpilot


You can contact either Barry or Michael directly by emailing barry@goroadie.com or michael@goroadie.com.