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We found 65 Driving Instructors in Glasgow

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Everything to know about learning to drive in Glasgow

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pass rates in Glasgow?

Compared to other cities across Scotland and the rest of the UK, Glasgow's driving test pass rate is currently sitting at 49.3% - slightly higher than the national average of 47.4%. Generally in larger cities like Glasgow, it is harder to pass.

How many lessons will I need to take in Glasgow?

It really changes from driver to driver. When you book a Glasgow driving instructor they will happily be able to give you an estimate. The national average is 47 hours with a fully qualified driving instructor and an additional 22 hours of private practice with a family member or friend are recommended.

Read more about driving lesson private practice

How much do driving lessons cost in Glasgow?

The average cost of driving lessons in Glasgow is £29. This means the overall cost of driving lessons in Glasgow could cost you £1,363, for 47 hours of paid tuition. However, many of the Glasgow driving instructors on GoRoadie offer bulk bookings that will help drive that price down.

Where are the best places to practice driving in Glasgow?

Confidence is king when getting on the road and to passing your driving test. We recommend using retail parks for manoeuvres, specifically or the large car park across from Ibrox Stadium (make sure there isn't a match on that day!). For general driving, you can benefit from the wide roads near Pollokshields area around Maxwell Park.

A wee bit more about learning to drive in Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, and third largest in the United Kingdom. Historically part of Lanarkshire, the city now forms the Glasgow City council area. Glasgow is situated on the River Clyde in the country's West Central Lowlands.

It is the fourth most visited city in the UK. Scotland's capital city, known for it's rich history, architecture and lively culture. Glasgow has a thriving population with over 615,070 "Glaswegians" or "Weegies".

Glasgow driving instructors offer several driving courses, like:

How to keep the cost of driving lessons cheap

The best tips to save money whilst learning to drive is to buy bulk lessons. On average the UK learner driver needs 47 hours to pass - plus 22 hours of private practice.

This means, if you calculate the average number of lessons needed (47) and the average price of a lesson in Glasgow (£28) you are looking at £1,316 to learn to drive.

That is a lot of money - but driving is a skill for life. It can help you gain employment, travel, and create everlasting memories.

Top tips for saving money on driving lessons

  • Buy bulk lessons - you can save £££s straight from the fully qualified driving instructor.
  • Get in some private practice - Jump in a car with a friend or family. The more time you spend in a car - the faster you pass.
  • Keep up your driving lessons - Try and take 2 driving lessons per week and don't take time off. You will be a lot more likely to retain information the more often you have lessons.

Top tips for driving lessons in Glasgow

Here are some of the definitive tips for learning to drive on the city by the Clyde.

1. Get used to the busy traffic on Sauchiehall street.

When driving around Glasgow, Sauchiehall street is always a busy place. So once you master the confidence of the car - proving you can manage traffic there surely means you're test ready.

2. Know your test centre.

There are a bunch of driving test centres in Glasgow. Make sure you know which one suits you - Anniesland, Ballieston, Sheildhall, Bishopbriggs, Hamilton or maybe a little further out at East Kilbride.

3. Get used to the M80

Since the new law has passed that allows learners to drive on motorways with their driving instructor - you can now get onto the M80 and practice driving around Glasgow, to the airport and back. Gaining confidence on these roads are key to passing your test and becoming a great driver.

4. Use Retail Parks

There is a huge car park near Ibrox (Skene Road, Glasgow). Using retail parks like Great Western Retail Park, 10 Allerdyce Rd is great for parking and reversing into bays. Or on the other side of Glasgow, Forge Retail Park, 1 Biggar St.

Manual vs. Automatic driving lessons 🤷‍♀️

We have compiled some advice for picking manual or automatic transmission. Here are the benefits for all.

Manual driving lessons in Glasgow

Cheaper tuition and cheaper car

You can legally drive manual and automatic cars

You can control vehicle with higher precision.

Automatic driving lesson in Glasgow

Quicker to learn - fast to route to freedom

Don't have to worry about clutch control or stalling

Electric cars are currently all automatic

Once you pass, your licence is automatic only. An additional test is required in order to allow you to drive a manual.

Why use GoRoadie for your Glasgow Driving Lessons?

The SEC Armadillo in the west of Glasgow

Booking a driving lesson can be stressful and cause anxiety. Booking through GoRoadie means you can view the instructor you are spending hours with - before committing. We are perfect for learners or parents who want to make sure they are booking their ideal driving instructor.

You can easily look at the driving instructors here, see who is right for you with zero pressure. You can read our reviews, look at our vetting process, and essentially book your driving lesson. Before you know it, you will be on the roads in Glasgow!

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Instructor Services in Glasgow, UK

Instructors in the Glasgow offer a variety of different services that they offer for driving students who want to learn to drive in different ways. These services could help you learn faster, receive more feedback, or become safer drivers overall.

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