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My name is Jim and I am a qualified ADI, having passed the DVSA Driving Instructor examinations in September 2016, completing my Standards Check in March 2018 and achieving a Grade A.
My background is that I am a retired police officer, having completed 30 years within the Police. During that time I served in the Roads Policing Department and rose through the ranks to Inspector, where I covered the West of Scotland area.
I have held a full driving licence for over 37 years to drive cars. In addition to this, I also hold a full driving licence for motorcycles and large goods vehicles, so my instructional technique will also encompass seeing different traffic situations from other perspectives.

During my time in the Police, I qualified as an Advanced Police Driver and I am a member of the Institute of Advance Motorists. I also hold a Scotvec Certificate in Vehicle Examination, therefore more than qualified for the DVSA "show me, tell me" questions.

Unfortunately during my career in the Police I came across far too many fatal and serious road crashes which have a devastating effect on everyone, including friends and family. So when I retired I wanted to make a difference, teach safe driving for life to try to prevent other families having to come to terms with such a loss.
I have recently completed a Diploma in Driver Education with an average score of 98.25%, passed the DIA courses of Safeguarding, drink and drug awareness and Standards Check essentials.

Experience: 5 years


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From £48 /lesson Blocks available
Currently fully booked