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Introduction to Remote Working

With the spread of Covid-19, remote working is going to be used more and more in the coming weeks and months. In the last 3 months, GoRoadie has worked exclusively remotely due to several reasons and we thought we would share our tips that allow us to be highly effective whilst working remotely.

Remote Stand-ups AM

Start the day with a check session / stand up where you can check in with your team members.

Pro Standup Tip: Key things to remember check in on progress of goals rather than individual list of what people have been doing - if you’re not contributing to a goal that could be a dysfunction in your teams planning.

This allows everyone in the team to understand how the progress is being made. If there are blockers then this can be brought up here.

Tools to use: Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook Video Chat, WhatsApp.


When working with individuals, over communicate your through process and write clearly and specifically.

Try to avoid using terms like IT and THEY.

Ask more questions, and don’t assume what people mean. If there is any ambiguity, ask questions like “what do you mean by that?”, “can you expand on that idea?”, or “could you rephrase that question?” There are effective phrases for communicating over Slack or other text communication systems.

Tools: Google Docs, Email (Gmail or Amazon Workmail), Trello

Work together via video calls

Like all check in sessions, if you are working with someone closely - rather than using Slack - jump on a call and speak to the person. If you have a camera use it, using a camera helps to communicate more effectively as you can see body language and facial expressions which makes working more effective as you get a better understanding.

Often we work on changes to our product remotely and walk through our thought process - these calls can last 1 hour to 4 hours depending on the task. It allows us to act as if we are still in the same room.

Find a location that works for you

Do you have a office in your house? Or is it the table in your living room or, is it your sofa. For me I often work at my table or on my sofa. Find what works out for you.

Pick and Agree a routine

It’s important to draw a line between work and home life. Pick your working hours and agree them with your manager.

When your working time is done, make sure your team know your switching off.

Get outside, if it's safe to do so

Don’t go stir crazy! If you can go for a walk, work out somewhere, get some fresh air. Leaving the house at the end of the working day will help draw a line and get you ready to relax.

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