Video Recorded Lessons in Leeds

Video recording from dashcams in and outside the car is a becoming a popular addition to a driving instructors arsenal. These allow your instructor to analyse and review your skills in more detail, giving you richer feedback that can help improve pass rates.

Internal dashcams also record audio, which is not only useful for hearing what kind of instructions are given, but it's also a great peace of mind for the pupil. We know learners can feel anxious about getting out on the road, especiialy with someone they've only just met. With video and audio recording in-car, you can rest easier knowing you'll be getting a professional service.

You could even share some of this footage with friends and family. If the instructor allows, you could get footage of your drives and performing manoeuvres and share that progress as you develop. Who knows, maybe something fun will happen that you can share on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and be the next viral video!

Available Driving Instructors With Video Recorded Lessons