Photo of a person driving by Jaromír Kavan

What you need to know about defensive driving

Defensive driving is courses that you can take so that you develop the skills to handle more situations on the road.

As driving a vehicle is one of the most activities that most people take part in, it is essential that learners and experienced drivers are safe. After passing your driving test, 1 in 5 are involved in a serious accident and the biggest killer of teens in the US is a road accident.

More people are injured or worse killed during a at-work road traffic collisions than in all other workplace incidents.

These defensive driving courses focus on a behaviour based coaching programme which is specifically designed for the individuals partaking. Often these courses will be in a classroom, online or in a vehicle.

Defensive Driving training looks at the needs of the learner and focuses to allow them to identify and address their driving behaviour and how it can affect their potential for involvement in undesirable and unsafe situations.

Incentives in the US

In the the US there are several courses that one may take to improve their ability on the open road. Many states actually provide rewards for those who complete these approved defensive driving courses. The rewards can be discounts on insurance or even the ability to mask a traffic ticket from a owners record.

These courses are often referred to traffic school or defensive driving schools. States that have incentives include (but not limited to) Arizona , California, Florida, and New Jersey.

However, these programmes differ. For example New Jersey's is in a classroom or online course, whereas Arizona is strictly online and Florida even has 12-hour traffic schools.