Photo of broken down vehicle

How to change a flat tyre

Disaster! A tyre has went flat and now you need to take all the skills you learned from the movies to change it. Make or Break!

Thankfully, actually changing a tire is a huge deal and we have an in depth guide to help you get back on the road - safely.

Items that you will need

  • Wheel Jack
  • Lug wrench
  • Fully inflated spare tire
  • Vehicle owner’s manual

Step by Step Guide

1. Stop the car in a safe place

Your first decision should be to find a safe location. Once you’ve realised that you have an issue with a tyre, you’ll need to gradually slow down and not suddenly brake or turn. You’ll then need to keep your eyes open for any possible parking spots that are safely away from traffic. If you find a lay-by but are not certain whether you have enough space or not you can always call for insistence instead of risking any harm.

And don't forget to remember to turn your hazard warning lights on.

2. Locate your items

Once you’ve found somewhere safe to park you will next need to locate your spare tyre and related toolkit. They will most likely be in your boot, possibly in a compartment under the boot carpet.

3. Loosen Wheel Nuts

Next you’ll want to loosen the wheel nuts. You may have a hub cap covering your wheel nuts so you’ll want to remove that first.

4. Loosen Lug Nuts

Using a lug wrench, connect to the lug nutes and then rotate the wrench counterclockwise until you feel that break in their resistance. Remember, you might have to use excessive force - using your foot is alright. Loosen the nuts about ¼ to ½ of a turn, but don’t remove them completely yet. Hold off on removing them completely until it is time to remove your tire/wheel from the car.

5. Place the Wheel Jack under your car

This is the tricky part. The correct place for the wheel jack is typically beneath the car frame alongside the flat tyre.

Most cars have a molded plastic section on the bottom with a clear metal area exposed that is there specifically for the jack. Remember to look at the instructors for your vehicle to ensure you keep yourself and the car safe.

6. Raise your vehicle

With the wheel jack properly in position, raise the car until the flat tire is about six inches above the ground. Remember, never put any part of your body under the vehicle during or after raising the vehicle with the jack.

7. Replace the Tyre

Now take the Lug Nuts off and remove the tyre completely.

Grab the tyre by its treads, pull it toward you slowly and carefully until it’s completely free from the hub behind it.

Make sure its on the ground flat to prevent the tyre from rolling

Now put the spare tyre on the hub and place in the hub bolts.

8. Lower Vehicle

Add the Lug nuts in all the way again and use the jack to lower the car so it is safely on the ground. Tighten the nuts clockwise and remember to use the full weight of your body. Put your hubcap back on and stow away all your equipment.