What to Look for in Your Driving Instructor

Finding the right instructor used to be a process of word-of-mouth and luck. However, with GoRoadie this process has been simplified and has given learner drivers access to information about instructors they previously would’ve never known. So, when you search for your instructor here are some suggestions to keep in mind.


GoRoadie enables students to leave reviews on their instructor so make sure to utilise this and check the reviews on as many drivers possible. Read what other students have said and from that find what driver seems like the best match for you!


It’s important to remember that once you have chosen a driver you aren’t obliged to stick with them forever. After taking lessons think about how constructive your experience was. An important aspect to look for in your instructor is how they deliver their criticisms and advice. Are they too strict for you, to shouty or conversely too nice for your preference and don’t give enough criticism for you to grow? Take all this into consideration and if your preferences aren’t being met then maybe try another instructor.


You might find an instructor who ticks a lot of boxes your after, but before you jump ahead make sure you know what their schedule is and whether it matches up to your own. It’s also worth considering instructors that aren’t as popular.

They most likely will have more flexible slots and overall could benefit you greater.

The Car

While not crucial, it can be worth checking what car the instructor drives. If you’ve already bought a car or have one in mind, try and find an instructor who uses a similar model so that you can be as prepared as possible to drive in your own.


It can be beneficial to also consider all the services that instructors can offer. Find out whether they offer intensive or semi-intensive course or both. Maybe you’ve taken some time off and want to get back in the swing of things, then look to see if they offer refresher courses. Can they teach defensive driving? Are you from another country and want an instructor who has experience in helping foreigners transition into driving in the UK? All of this and more can be found out by using GoRoadie and looking through instructors’ profiles.

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