Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez

What Happens If I Fail My Driving Test?

After all the lessons you’ve taken and the work you’ve put in, the mere thought of failing your test can be sickening. However, it isn’t as much of a set-back as you might think. Here’s what would happen if you failed your test.

10 Day Waiting Period

Wanting to give it another go? Well before you can take the test again you will have to wait 10 working days.

While you may want to get straight back to it, 10 days isn’t too long a wait and will give you time to reflect on what mistakes you made and what you could do differently.

Pay Again

The greatest issue with failing is the cost. Unfortunately, you will have to pay another £62 fee to take another test. This is a lot of money so it may be best to maybe take some time between tests and save up.


While you can’t appeal the result of your test, if you genuinely believe that you’re driving examiner didn’t follow necessary regulations then you can appeal it.

If your appeal is successful you can get a free re-test. You can appeal by contacting your local magistrate court within 6 months if you live in England or Wales. If your live in Scotland, then you have to contact your local sheriff’s court within 21 days.