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How to Claim Expenses on a Cancelled Driving Test

Needing to cancel your test and wondering if or how you can get refunded? Has your test been cancelled by the Driver and Vehicles Standard Agency and you're unsure what to do? Here’s everything you need to know about how to get your money back.

Cancelling your test

To cancel your test you must have your UK Driving Licence Number and either a driving test reference number or your Theory Test Pass Certificate number.

If you have lost your Theory Test Pass Certificate number, you can find that here.

If you do this within if 3 working days of your test, then you’ll get a full refund! Keep in mind Sundays and public holidays do not count as working days.

To cancel your test, visit the DVSA.

My test was cancelled, what can I claim on?

  • If either your theory or driving test was cancelled within three working days before your test date, then you are entitled to claim expenses. You have 6 months to do this.
  • You can claim expenses on any normal pay you lost by taking unpaid leave, this applies to both the theory and driving test.
  • If you have borrowed your instructor’s car for the test, you can claim for the cost to hire it. In this case you need your instructor to fill out section 2 of the claim form.
  • If you used your own vehicle then you can claim a set rate per mile of the distance you travelled. Any other methods of travel will also be covered. This again applies to both tests.

You can claim expenses by filling out this government form.