Driving gloves by Hannes Egler

What are driving gloves?

Driving is cool but driving with gloves is obviously cooler.

Driving gloves are gloves designed specifically for controlling cars and bikes. They can be traced back to 18090s. This is because until 1930 there was no heating in vehicles. They allowed the driver to have a firm grip of the, then, slippy wheels.

After the 1970s when steering wheels that have superior grips started coming more common, the number of people wearing driving gloves started to decline. However, today, some can still be found wearing these fine gloves and were featured in the movie Drive.

Why would you wear driving gloves?

So we have broken down reasons for you to wear driving gloves in 2020.

Better Grip

Keeping control of your car, truck or van is essential when driving. Driving is your responsibility, it is can be dangerous, but you must ensure you and others are on the road. Driving gloves can help keep you safe by giving your a much tighter grip.

Keeps your steering wheel in a good condition

Ever been a car where it's clear the steering wheel has been better days?

It's essential that as a driver, you keep your vehicle is great condition. Even so, the steering wheel is arguably the most important tool inside the car. Keeping your wheel in great condition will not only keep you and your passengers safe but keep your vehicle's value at a higher level.

By wearing driving gloves, you are able to keep your car in better shape and will help the prevent the steering wheel from degrading. This is of course more important in luxury cars or older vehicles.

Keeps your hands at a good temperature

Back in the olden days, when cars did not have roofs or A/C or heaters, gloves were essential. However, even today, we are not completely protected from the elements. In winter or in colder climates, driving can still be really cold when first getting into a car.

Having your gloves on whilst your Ford Fiesta heats up is a good shout. Perfect for when you are scrapping the ice of your car before the morning commute.

Styles of Driving Gloves

As you would expect there are various styles of driving gloves.

Fingerless Gloves

These gloves are often made of leather and are normally associated with motor cyclists. They cover your hand from the wrist all the way up to your knuckles. These are quite popular as you can still use your mobile (whilst the car is parked) and they protect the palms of your hands.

Cold-Weather Gloves

As you would expect, cold weather gloves are much closer to winter gloves and they cover your entire hand. They are crafted out of leather and come in various colours. These are not your Ryan Gosling Drive gloves.

What makes them great for the winter or cold weather is the lining. Often these warm gloves are lined with warm fabrics such as wool, cotton or cashmere. Keep the frost bite away at all costs in hazardous conditions during winter.

Traditional Driving Gloves

These are what you expect when buying driving gloves. These live in a half way house of the cold weather gloves and fingerless gloves.

They are made of leather but, unlike the winter gloves, do not have a lining. This means they are more suitable

Prices of Driving Gloves

Cost of driving gloves vary from £5, but can go all the way up to around £100 depending on brand. However, you can get a decent paid of gloves for the £30 mark. These will have quality real leather that suit all weather conditions.