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Finding your way in this sector of business can be a real challenge. That challenge starts when trying to find training to qualify, continues when you start teaching, and can prevent you from reaching your peak. Our aim is to unite ADIs, PDIs, products, services and support.

We are not an association, in fact one of our core values is to encourage instructors to join an association for national support. We are something new, exciting, challenging and supportive.

A signposting point for industry tools and services, a meeting point for those looking for more, and a market place to fill your toolbox.

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Welcome to the first ‘Rear View’ update from The Driving Instructor and Trainers Collective

This is your shortcut to the headline news brought to you by As ADIs we know that despite being interested and wanting to read that article in the latest magazine, time is precious and the test centre waiting room table isn’t currently in reach! We won’t delay you further…


Tests opened for booking:

1st September

7th September

Now every Monday after that. Test booking open for 18 weeks on 14th September. The guidance from the DVSA can be found here

Local Restrictions

At the time of writing there were local restrictions in: Bolton, Caerphilly, Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire Unfortunately there does not appear to be a public list of which centres are facing restriction. We have asked NASP and DVSA if this is being addressed

HSE guidance

The ADI NJC have raised the issue of instructors having access to toilet facilities and waiting rooms with the HSE. ADIs are classed as ‘Visiting Workers’. The DVSA response was “DVSA’s priority is to stop the spread of COVID-19. Following engagement with driving instructors we made toilet and handwashing facilities available for any candidate, instructor or accompanying driver if requested. DVSA is currently in discussion with HSE about the use of waiting rooms for driving instructors.”

The HSE response in full to the ADINJC can be found here

Instructor Challenges Test bookings - With limited numbers registered for the Online Booking System there is no option but for you or your pupil to sit in the queue. The changes on 14th September will hopefully ease this.

Tests We are hearing of tests refused due to inadequate mask use and ‘dirty’ (not visibly cleaned) vehicles. Please make extra efforts not so your pupils are not disappointed and you are not out of pocket.

Instructors are still facing challenges in adverse weather conditions. If you wish to raise this or other issues we recommend contacting your chosen national association and/or N.A.S.P. to raise it or we are happy to raise it for you (

Scotland Test booking - 7th September Tests from - 14th September On-hold test from lockdown will have an early invitation. Scotland will only be booking 6 weeks ahead.

Podcasts Here are some Podcasts you may not have discovered for those gaps between lessons:

DIPOD - The Driving Instructors Podcast - Episode 174 and Episode 147

Streets Ahead - Podcast

Conferences/Expo For obvious reasons this years physical meet ups are cancelled. If you have any for us to add to the list please get in touch.

ADINJC & Intellignet Instructor Expo 25th April 2021

COVID Resources

ADINJC Toolbox - If you haven’t explored this yet, it is well worth a look! Free to all via the website. The DIA members can access the DIA Toolbox via the Academy


The DITC ADI and PDI members qualify for the TOTUM student card (Formerly NUS Extra). Visit the DITC hub with a picture of your Pink or Green Badge, or Part 1 Certificate if Pre-badge & click the TOTUM link on the menu.

To Qualify To qualify you need to be studying or teaching for 3 hours per week.

IMPORTANT - The TOTUM offer ‘3 years for price of 2' ends at the end of September! So sign up now!

The card not only gets you access to the TOTUM deals, but also student rates at any service or place that you use restaurants, gyms, shops, etc.

About Us

The Collective’s goal is to unite instructors. We are focussed on networking and connectivity between PDIs, ADIs, Businesses, Services and those looking to join the industry. We are only as strong as our membership but have already developed benefits and value for our members. If you would like to subscribe to our membership (Just £6 a month) visit

Test Booking and Booking Systems

The DITC have clarified the following with the DVSA:

  • There is no access to the Public Booking System or Online Booking System(OBS) between release dates (currently 26th and 1st).

  • There will not be 'cancellation' or 'short notice slots'.

  • No-shows are being automatically refunded as candidates are not able to inform the DVSA due to demand on the phones, and examiners are generally not able to access the phones, or are out testing.

  • Those who were unsuccessful this week will need to try again when the system reopens. They will NOT return to their previous position in the queue (I know some were hoping their places were held)

  • The OBS is closed to prevent the minority taking the slots from the majority as it is not possible to 'hide' or prevent booking of the slots if open.

  • OBS users will be able to switch/rename test slots, but only on the days that booking is open.

  • Only 1700 ADIs use the OBS, and new users cannot register at this time.

  • A knock-on affect is that Motorcycle and Vocational tests are also unable to access the OBS, so they are trying to resolve this.

  • It is worth noting that we are still in a 'coping' not 'recovering' phase - The only solution to the situation is by increasing capacity. The DVSA are very aware of this and are implementing strategies and in talks on how to improve this capacity. (This in our words, not DVSAs, but true to our understanding of what we have been told.)

Legal Support for DITC members and their clients

The DITC are excited to introduce Patterson Law, our specialist road traffic lawyers.

Patterson Law are the largest specialist Road Traffic Defence Law Firm in England and Wales. They will be working with us to provide accurate legal perspective on some commonly faced issues and misconceptions.

DITC members and their clients who encounter traffic related legal issues are able to contact them (Quoting the reference in the DITC Members hub) and receive a free consultation. If legal action is needed they work on a fixed fee basis (no hourly billable rates) so you will know the costs in advance, AND Driving Instructor and Trainers Collective Members (and their pupils) will receive 10% discount on these services.

Huge Savings for ADI/PDIs with TheDITC

The DITC members are now able to be recognised as Professional Learners

This means they can qualify for the TOTUM PRO (The UKs #1 Student Card) Average savings £500+ a year. Examples: 10% off Co-op, brands like Amazon, Apple, Boots, and discounts at many restaurants.

Requirements DITC Membership Valid ADI/PDI badge or valid Part 1 Certificate Deliver 3hr of lessons or learning (including reflection) per week

Costs The Driving Instructor and Trainers Collective membership - £6 p/m TOTUM Card - from £14.99 + £1.50 postage 3yrs for price of 2yrs until end September 2020

Video information - Find out more about The DITC

If you have any questions we would love to answer them. Call : 020 39617175

Chris Bensted Offers a Guide to Picking Your Price Point

With instructors nationwide reassessing their prices and viability, as well as trying to recover from Lockdown and increased COVID costs Chris Bensted ADI draws on his previous live in retail to help you look at what, why, and how you are charging your clients.

Getting a Better Price

You are welcome to contact Chris to discuss this further.

DITC COVID, PPE Guidance, and ALERT Infographic

Many ADIs have benefitted from the guidance and information we have shared during lockdown. If you missed it, or need to refer back to it, you can find it below.

The DITC’s T&C Template - Designed to help you set the standards for your business.

The DITC's Instructor Guidance - Designed to help you to assess the risks and plan for them accordingly.

The DITC’s ALERT Guidance - designed for you to print and laminate for use in the car. To explain the measures you are taking to keep your pupils safe. Giving them the confidence and security that you are doing what you can in difficult times.

If you have questions we are happy to discuss.

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