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DVSA Tribunals - Fit and Proper and other reasons

Posted 24 December 2020 — Anyone

DVSA Tribunals are available for review. It is important to note that amongst them are ADIs appealing their removals for:

  • Posting videos of tests
  • Posting photos
  • Not attending or blatantly avoiding Standards Checks (This includes not having updated their contact address on DVSA Gateway - Changing your Driving Licence address isn't enough)

Fit and Proper is a very broad category and has never been well defined. It is therefore at the discretion of the Registrar and her team to decide. Having supported a number of people through the appeals process we have seen the stress they face. Please make efforts to stay on the right side of the regulations.

Please be aware that these notes include both upheld and overruled, plus those of any individuals that may have been involved

Full details can be found at: