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We’re all in tiers! But what does that mean?

Posted 26 November 2020 — Anyone

The DITC phone hasn’t stopped today and being based on the London/Kent border we have seen a switch, with Kent becoming Tier 3 and London Tier 2. This is causing added confusion and concern, with most looking longingly toward NASP and the DVSA for guidance.

While we are still waiting to see if DVSA moves to training commencing on the 2nd, we know that we are faced with a 4-Tier system (with Tier 4 being the lockdown level that we are exiting). Having had first-hand experience of Tier 2 & Tier 3 pre-lockdown 2 we are going to review the situation based on what was allowed and assume this stands until we are told otherwise.

The previous situation (between lockdowns 1 and 2) in Tier 2 AND Tier 3 was that training and testing were taking place. You were able to cross borders between Tier 2 & Tier 3 for training, and all other Hands, Face, Space guidance should have been implemented in line with your COVID risk assessments (Tools are still available on the ADINJC website for anyone that needs them).

The interesting question will be test centres like that at Herne Bay, Kent, which sits in between the hot spots of Swale and Thanet. Will DVSA and examiners be willing to continue operating, and if not does that just displace candidates to surrounding centres?

We, like the rest of the industry, continue to wait for word from NASP and DVSA. Sadly the likes of the hairdressing industry received a prompt response over 2nd/3rd confusion and can plan their return to work on Wednesday (2nd) while we still await clarification.