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DVSA Targeted Standards Checks

Posted 20 August 2021 — Anyone

As most of you will be aware the DVSA has announced their first ADI focussed step to "improve the waiting list" with a focus on improving pass rates. Email contents available here
The DITC chose to wait for NASP and its component associations to speak first before publicly responding. Their Q&A response is below and they do not seem to have made a public comment for or against it.

We have now written to the DVSA directly which we will publish shortly, as well as writing to DIA, ADINJC, and MSA directly to ask them for an understanding of their stance on the move.

We believe that the DVSA have missed the mark on 2 key points:
1. ADIs are under incredible pressure. ALL the calls we are receiving include mental health concerns and a need for support. In our opinion now is not the time to threaten their livelihood in this way.
2. It doesn't solve the issue that they are facing. Delivering a lesson on a Standards Check does not reflect an ability to judge or ensure test readiness. There are many better ways to address this, including not ending tests early and allowing ADIs to sit in on tests.

The DVSA 'triggers' for receiving a Standards Check are available to view here

On a personal note:
The DITC was founded to unite ADIs in their industry and reduce reliance on DVSA 'leadership', as this is not their place (Through their own admission). It is together that we will grow and succeed. However, nobody expected this level of mental and emotional stress, and with little scope to do something about it. Things we have been encouraging:
1. Control your capacity - Decide what you can manage (genuinely manage not stretch to) and stick to it.
2. Control the clock - Decide the hours you are willing to work and if it doesn't fit don't do it.
3. Lay out the table at the start - Most issues come from poor communication and not understanding the rules. Set the rules. Be honest, fair and clear.
4. Have someone to talk to.

DITC - 020 3961 7175