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Swapping Tests Following the DVSA Price Increase

Posted 25 January 2022 — Anyone

DITC Exclusive from the DVSA

As you are likely aware the DVSA has confirmed price increases of about 1.5%. Adding 90p to the cost of the standard weekday practical driving test. Full info here There have been issues in the past where test swaps had to be like-for-like (i.e. weekend tests) and we did not know what would happen regarding pre and post price rise tests being exchanged. The DVSA have responded that:

"The fee is charged at the point of the initial test booking, you have then secured a test appointment. You can then change that booking for a slot that is after the date of the fee change."

With thanks to DITC member Peter Brace for raising the question.

We have also asked the question being discussed on most media forums:
What is the future for wearing masks on lessons?

With the rules changing on Thursday, where do we stand with the DVSA. They have promised a response.
Having taken legal advice, the DITC recommendation is to reflect DVSA SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). IF something were to happen that resulted in any type of litigation the first question would be 'What does your regulating body do?'. We respect everybody's right to choose and any exemptions but also want all professional ADIs to be representing best practices.

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