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What model suits you? Change in the driver training industry

Posted 13 March 2021 — Anyone

Some of you may have seen Bob Morton's Zoom/Facebook - 'Franchises - The work of Satan, or your friend in the business?' If you didn't catch it you can watch it here on YouTube
It was a pleasure to be on the panel and I think it raised some interesting takes on franchising, both good and bad.

What I would just like to reflect on is expressed best for me by Hugh Grant in the film 'About a Boy'. "No man is an island" to which he replies “I am an island. I am ****** Ibiza!”. Yet the films journey teaches him that we all need a support structure. People to care and people to care about.

We know this industry can be challenging and isolating, but you can engage with, grow and offer levels of support which will then be there when needed. This can exist on many levels, below I mention a few.

Business support - This can be a traditional or non-traditional franchise, an informal partnership, or an office service. These provide reduction in jobs and an increase in support.

A partnership - If you are a manual instructor your advertising efforts, reputation and presence will attract automatic enquiries. As the same is true vice-versa. Think of the saving in this investment if you have a trusted channel to deliver that work to, and the benefits you will receive in return. This may be bigger than just the two instructors with a WhatsApp or Facebook network. The risk of growth is that you may not know the standards or receive the same accountability. Even islands develop supply chains!

Professional support - Trusted information sources like The DITC or, Association platforms like NASPs ADINJC, DIA or MSA, or other national or local associations, or Specialists in or outside the sector for example Disability Driving Instructors or The Federation of Small Businesses

A coffee date - Business aside having a similar minded, or not, person to chat with and put the world to rights is equally important. Whatever the rest of the Covid experience has to throw at us it is important to talk.

You can contact Bob via email
and, as always, can contact myself or Ian at the DITC.

No ADI or PDI should be an island....