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Test Booking and Booking Systems

Posted 27 August 2020 — Anyone

The DITC have clarified the following with the DVSA:

  • There is no access to the Public Booking System or Online Booking System(OBS) between release dates (currently 26th and 1st).

  • There will not be 'cancellation' or 'short notice slots'.

  • No-shows are being automatically refunded as candidates are not able to inform the DVSA due to demand on the phones, and examiners are generally not able to access the phones, or are out testing.

  • Those who were unsuccessful this week will need to try again when the system reopens. They will NOT return to their previous position in the queue (I know some were hoping their places were held)

  • The OBS is closed to prevent the minority taking the slots from the majority as it is not possible to 'hide' or prevent booking of the slots if open.

  • OBS users will be able to switch/rename test slots, but only on the days that booking is open.

  • Only 1700 ADIs use the OBS, and new users cannot register at this time.

  • A knock-on affect is that Motorcycle and Vocational tests are also unable to access the OBS, so they are trying to resolve this.

  • It is worth noting that we are still in a 'coping' not 'recovering' phase - The only solution to the situation is by increasing capacity. The DVSA are very aware of this and are implementing strategies and in talks on how to improve this capacity.
    (This in our words, not DVSAs, but true to our understanding of what we have been told.)