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An Easter Message and the future of the DITC

Posted 04 April 2021 — Anyone

Eggs have always symbolised birth and rebirth. From 'what came first' to escaping from a shell they carry much symbolism and inspired wisdom. Whatever your culture, faith or viewpoint you can probably draw on them for guidance in some way.

With so many differences and unsurities thrust upon us over the last year, many have looked to reinvent, relaunch and rediscover aspects of their lives and businesses. As many of you know I love innovation and challenging norms. I always try to ask 'Why?' or 'Why not?' when others do as they have been told, so I am inspired by those that have taken the opportunity to develop themselves, others or projects that have been made available to them.

With the opportunity to return to normality (admittedly still inside the 'new normal') I would like to reach out and ask you not to. We have all taken stock, challenged and rediscovered things since the beginning of 2020. Hold onto them.

Success requires many things, consider how you can improve your chances:

1. Be proactive - Take control of your own circle of influence, and don't get swamped by your circle of concern.

2. Begin with the end in mind - What do you want? Now make a clear plan how to achieve it.

3. First things first - What is important? What is Urgent? (Discover the Eisenhower Matrix) Important and Urgent things first.

4. Think win-win - It isn't about being nice, it is about achieving success.

5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood - You cannot truly influence something until you have discovered what it is.

6. Synergise - Combine your skills so as to achieve goals that no one could have done alone.

7. Sharpen the Saw - Balance and renew your resources. Sustainable results come from a sustained source.

(Following the guidance of 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People')

The DITC is focussed on what we can control. While the DVSA do an important job and we happily work with them, we are unable to influence them. They are in our circle of concern but we cannot look to them for our change. We have a clear goal to benefit ADIs and PDIs by creating a 'meta industry' platform that represents all the benefits and supports all the challenges.
Instructors have been getting by, we are not yet in recovery, so we have focussed on helping them do so. Next we will be focussed on developing a strong base to provide the resources that they need to grow. By working together we will be stronger and everyone (businesses, government and individuals) will all benefit.
We have studied the industry for over a decade and learnt from those that have been doing it for far longer. We have asked questions and taken time to understand the answers. By identifying expert resources and asking them to engage with us for mutual benefit we will grow together. We have been given an opportunity to rebalance and renew not just the structure of the industry but the approach of those inside it.

With our members we will all benefit, grow and achieve. If you have something to offer, we are listening, and if you have a need, we will help support it. Please get in touch.

Happy Easter from Chris and Ian at the Driving Instructor and Trainers Collective.