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James May speaks out about theory test expiry

Posted 12 April 2021 — Anyone

James May speaks out about theory test expiry banner

On the day that sees Instructors able to return to teaching, James May is speaking out about the lack of support for Learners who’s theory tests have expired. He is backing the move to extend theory certificates as they have with MOT certificates.

Marmalade Insurance have been supporting their customers by funding their first retake but there has been little support for those needing to return to study.
James has reduced the cost of his ‘The Theory Test by James May’ App during April in order to help those suffering expired certificates and the need to retake the test. His app covers all the aspects of the test in engaging and bite sized pieces.

Chris Bensted, Specialist Theory Trainer for Theory Test Explained, has reviewed the app. “It’s very James May and surprisingly good! It sets a timescale, targets learning areas using algorithms and it’s engaging. They have almost made the theory interesting!
At Theory Test Explained we offer 1:1 teaching for people needing support or to be taught, but for those that can self-study successfully this is a great tool. It definitely goes on the recommended apps list.”

The DITC have been working closely with the James May Theory Test App to get Driving Instructors (ADIs and PDIs) a free copy to trial and show their pupils. Visit to request yours.