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Taking Pride in the Driver Training Industry

Posted 29 June 2021 — Anyone

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The world we live in is constantly evolving. Sadly the driving instructor industry doesn’t always embrace and reflect this. Be it generational differences or personal understanding, being open and accepting to individuals is part of running a customer-facing business, and this has never been more important.

The Driving Instructor and Trainers Collective (The DITC) stands for change and unity both inside and outside the driver training sector. Whether it is bringing together businesses, individuals or innovation we want to encourage and enable leaps forward in how our industry is represented and referred to by those that engage with it on every level.

It is with this in mind that we are launching two opportunities for Approved Driving Instructors (ADI), Potential Driving Instructors (PDI), and industry businesses to demonstrate their understanding and support. We hope this will be the first of many such opportunities we can bring to the sector.

The Queer Box – Understanding identity

We are introducing this course to the industry as a positive step to help trainers understand how other people identify and how you can acknowledge and respect this inside of your business. It is a very non-judgmental course and provides true insight into the LGBTQ+ community and its diverse nature. It allows you to see how you can be inclusive, rather than binary and exclusive as the world tends to be by default. The beauty of this course is that as a stand-alone video-based product you can undertake it in your own time and implement the understanding in your own way. Being an LGBTQ+ Ally isn’t necessary about painting your car in rainbow colours, it is far more about making your customers feel accepted, welcome and recognised.

On completion of the course you are provided with an ‘Officially LGBTQ+ Inclusive’ digital badge to be used on your social media and web presence.

Non-Members – £49

DITC Members – £29 via the DITC Members Hub


Introducing DITCs LGBTQ+ Friendly badge

As part of our range of identifying badges being released over the next 6 months (including Schools, Associations, Services, and more) we are launching a badge recognising inclusivity. This badge is not exclusive to members, but for industry-wide use. It is a symbol to show that you are an Ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

We welcome you to join with them and show the driver and rider training sector to be one of inclusivity and positive engagement for all.

Additionally, we are highlighting the badge to various LGBTQ+ groups across the UK to get maximum awareness, allowing the wider community to benefit from finding instructors that are aware that we do not all fit inside a single box.

Are you an Ally?

If you would like to access the digital badge for free, you can do so here. We ask any Schools or Trainers that do so strongly consider investing in The Queer Box course above to maximise their understanding and engagement, as well as encouraging any instructors you may have to do the same. If you would like to arrange any additional training or engagement you can contact the DITC and we will do what we can to point you to those best suited to help.

You can find this on the DITC website here