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DVSA Propose a Fee Increase

Posted 05 August 2021 — Anyone

The DVSA have launched a consultation (5th August - 2nd September) to get your views on increasing the costs of DVSA Services.


The proposed increase is 1.5% and they point out that most fees have not increased since 2010. (Full message copied below) They are claiming the improvements will help them to continue to improve the services and how they are delivered.

Proposed examples are:
Car Theory Test - Currently £23 - Increased to £23.40
Car Driving Test - Currently £62 - Increased to £62.90

MOT Slot fee - Currently £2.05 - Increased to £2.08

What do you think? (Comments below)

Chris' thoughts:
The knee jerk reaction after the last year in which both pupils and instructors have suffered both mentally and financially is a natural one. However, when you look at the figures and times scale it is a nominal change. In fact the pence increase is a little annoying and I would rather they added a round pound to the test prices.
That said - we need action and engagement from the DVSA. There have been some really positive engagements like yesterdays transparencies for those taking ADI Part 2 tests. If they are working with us and listening to us (Things like the B+e changes and issues getting tests) then I am happy to support this.

One final note - Is the ADI/PDI badge fee changing?

Ian's thoughts:
They have held prices for a long time, and it is probably about time that they do increase. We have to remember that the theory test was brought DOWN in price from £31 (Oct 14/15). Maybe this £1 increase on the test will allow some of the instructors struggling against market forces to redress their own prices.
I would even consider a higher increase, maybe £5-7, if it meant more examiners, shorter waiting times, better test centres and a better service.

The DITC would be keen for the DVSA to make some specific promises regarding this increase and what it will mean, especially in the current climate. Where will we see improvements and when.
We are also keen to hear from NASP, its constitute associations (ADINJC, DIA, & MSA) and other bodies.

We urge you to provide your feedback and engage HAVE YOUR SAY