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Thinking about a return...

Posted 26 February 2021 — Anyone

It’s the end of the week! (I know this as it’s spelling & arithmetic tests on home learning...) 1 more week and the schools go back, the future of which is likely to dictate ADIs return.

Harry (10) has been talking to me about how he feels about going back to his last year in Primary School. It's a mixture of excitement, relief and anxiousness. I feel the same about the school run, and I'm hearing the same from colleagues about the return to the road.

I know some of us will be thinking "Just get on with it." but even if you are not feeling concerned, your pupils or their parents may be. It is perfectly reasonable to feel this way and there are lots of measures that we can put in place to help deal with this.

Plan your days - Decide what you are willing to do and stick to it. We will be feeling the demands of customers looking for lessons and asking for our help.

Be strong - Contrary to the black and white views of the DVSA we know that it isn't as easy to say "You are not ready" when faced with 6-month waiting lists and unrealistic expectations. Good communication and a 'road map' of how things are likely to be will help manage your pupils' expectations.

Talk to someone - I know there are plenty of ADIs willing to listen, and I get lots of calls and messages myself. It is a solitary role and now more than ever we need to keep on top of our mental health.

Finally - Check which toilets are open!

We look forward to hearing some concrete details from the DVSA next week. Have a great weekend.