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Are you ready?

Posted 11 April 2021 — Anyone

Last minute check list

It’s been a while! Many instructors are returning to work tomorrow (Monday 12th), so we thought a quick list might be helpful:

Insurance - A lot of people downgraded or changed their insurance during lockdown. If you were one of them, remember to contact the insurer. Even if you weren’t, a quick check on the MIB website might be a good idea in case there are any issues.

MOT and Tax - Again, worth an online check to make sure you are covered.

Water - Especially when wearing masks and talking lots, hydration is important to mental and physical health.

Pupil licence check including online check - It’s been a while, who knows what some have been up to! I tried to book a theory this week and found a licence had been revoked!

Eyesight - Yours and theirs. As much as anything you don’t want them failing before they start!

Toilets - After all that water, have you figured out what the current toilet options are. Check out the ‘Flush’ app for the latest.

**Pupil update - In challenging times communication is key. Like the Standards Check Risk Management make sure your pupil knows their responsibilities and yours, and how you will ensure a successful outcome together.

POWDER/FLOWERY or VOLTS/T-CLOCK for our bikers - Check your fluids, tyres, and wipers. Cars don’t like being sat around!

Brake check - BOTH SETS - While we are sure you will check your driver brakes, make sure you test your dual controls on or before that first lesson.

When is a window not a window? When it’s ajar!
Cleaning is key and ventilation is important. Have lots of layers in the car and leave yourself time to shine!

Have we missed something? Feel free to pop it in the comments!