October 2017 Update

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As you may know we're building GoRoadie in our spare time, and try to make the service better all the time. This is quick look at what we've achieved in October.

If you have any ideas or want something improved please email or submit a message via our feedback form.


Bonjour! Hola! Cześć! Nǐ hǎo! Speak another language? Are you able to help those whose native language isn't English? We have added Languages to the Services tab in the Edit Profile view. You can now advertise that you speak another language!


Rate a page helpful We built a small widget that we can place at the bottom of some pages that asks "Was this page/feature helpful?". This helps us know if we are building the right thing.


Instructor Reviews Last month we started allowing driving students to submit reviews and this month we built the functionality for instructors to view these reviews. You could find out more about GoRoadie Reviews here . And you can now view any reviews from your instructor dashboard.


And more... We created over 10 new pages talking about driving instructor services. You could have a look at our intensive course page .

In preparation for expanding GoRoadie into Edinburgh; we updated our Edinburgh Search Landing Page

Updating GoRoadie's system to handle Edinburgh search results and driving instructors. The system was previously only designed for Dundee so we had to put a lot of effort to expand for Edinburgh.