November 2017 Update

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As you may know we're building GoRoadie in our spare time, and try to make the service better all the time. We focused mostly on Gift Cards and increasing Instructor/Student connections.

If you have any ideas or want something improved please email or submit a message via our feedback form.


Gift Cards! We spent a few days building this feature earlier in the month. Anyone can now buy gift cards from GoRoadie, which means you, the driving instructor, get paid up front in cash within hours of accepting.


Improved Student Dashboard Over the past six months you have seen the instructor dashboard improve, however the student dashboard has stayed the same for over a year. We have now revamped that and made it a much nicer page with lots of tips and advice on how to learn.


More Student Information As we have been asking for more feedback in the last few months, a number of driving instructors have said how they want us to try and get more information from the student. We now email the student asking them, after the booking is confirmed, to fill out their provisional licence information and theory test information. Giving you the driving instructor a better expectation before that all important first lesson.


Driving Test Attempts When you have finished with a student, you can mark them as complete and that they have passed their test. We have enhanced this feature to ask you:

How many attempts did Student need to pass their driving test?

We will use this to help promote your business in future.