GoRoadie is improving security and protecting students

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DUNDEE, UNITED KINGDOM. GoRoadie is investing their efforts into ensuring driving students and instructors are receiving a secure experience. Last week there were multiple reports from driving students who were not receiving the lessons they had paid for in advance. In two out of three cases we were able to assist in retrieving monies owed to these driving students.

We suspended the account of the driving instructor involved after confirming these reports.

GoRoadie secures students

GoRoadie is committed to providing a safe experience for learners - we were happy to be able to take action and provide assistance and support. A benefit of booking via GoRoadie is that we can offer this extra layer of protection to both students and instructors, however unlikely, in unwanted circumstances.

Recently the Dundee Startup has helped driving instructors receive higher quality students by validating licences and theory test data. This allows instructors to make more informed decisions before agreeing to take on a student, help both parties find that perfect match.

Michael Carr, GoRoadie’s co-founder, has said “We have been focusing on protecting students for a long time, our ultimate goal is to connect driving instructors and students to give learners the best opportunities. We want students to pass faster and be amazing drivers - to do this they need to feel secure so we are making this our top priority.”