Local Driving Startup launches in Dundee with huge ambition

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DUNDEE (September 23rd 2017) - The Dundee-based startup, GoRoadie, has recently launched their new AirBnB-style website which will help learner drivers connect with local instructors in a new and innovative way. The creators of this innovative new offering believe that this offering has the potential for global traction.

Founded by local programmer Michael Carr and designer Barry White, GoRoadie have been testing their service with Dundee based driving instructors over the past year.

The offering allows learners to identify locally registered instructors, compare costs, review and ratings and make bookings. Instructors can sign up and have their first student within 24 hours with the expertly crafted system.

Barry White explained "We wanted to give learner drivers the opportunity to really get a feel for a driving instructor before booking that all-important first lesson.”, and he believes GoRoadie is the perfect tool to help.

Gavin Kidd, one of the first driving instructors to use the service said “This is an excellently presented website, very easy to sign up and to use. The developers are active in trying to improve not just the basic functions of the website but introduce further tools.” 

The company plans to expand and are urging driving instructors to try out the new service for free. Michael Carr says “In the last month we have been meeting the demand from students, but only just. We are urging instructors in Dundee to come forward to take advantage of this platform for new business.”

Last year alone, over 1 million students took driving tests in the UK which Mr Carr believes shows the potential growth of the business. He said, “Last month alone, we have identified that our fledgling business has captured around 13% of the market and this month looks to be even greater”.

The pair are initially focusing on Dundee but already have a second city in their sights. Barry told us “We are looking to expand and launch the service in Edinburgh within the next few months. We have already experienced good success in Dundee and we want to bring our exciting new platform to the capital as soon as possible!”

"We are also committed to keeping driving instructors in control by building tools to help them in their day-to-day while we take care of advertising and ensuring they always have students when they need them." Michael told us regarding their new service.

GoRoadie launches in Dundee today at www.goroadie.com.