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In response to Covid-19, GoRoadie are now allowing learner drivers find driving instructors based if they are currently teaching.

From June 2020, we have introduced the ability for learner drivers to Filter on instructors that are teaching key workers. THroughout the pandemic, we now clearly show on the profiles if an instructor is teaching key workers.

"For those key workers, GoRoadie the is perfect choice to find driving instructors - they don't have to call instructors across their town to find who is available. " Explains GoRoadie CEO, Michael Carr, "And for instructors GoRoadie is completely free whilst this lockdown measures are in place."

As social distancing is in place, instructors that are teaching Key Workers are strongly advised to adhere to strict hygiene regiments such as sterilise the car, use face coverings and applying hand sanitizer before and after driving lessons.

Driving Instructor Waseem Hairder of Smart Pass Driving School, explained why he is keen to help Key Workers "I love helping any critical key workers just as they have helped us be they working in the NHS or any other role which has helped to keep all of us safe." he continued "I feel it's the least I can do & play my part".

Waseeem ensures his learner drivers use handwash, wear gloves and a face coverings during the lessons. "I am sanitising the vehicle thoroughly inside & the outside door handles after each lesson, disposing the gloves and sanitising my hands then wearing new gloves for the next lesson at the end of each day". As per Government guidelines, Waseem checks to ensure pupils are feeling well and are not displaying any symptoms prior to any lessons.

The website now also clearly states which instructors are teaching key workers on their profiles and it has now launched a page exclusively for Key Workers so they can find an instructor with a tap of the button. You can visit the Driving Instructors for Key Workers directory here.

In April, GoRoadie removed their referral fee for driving instructors so that certain key workers required for services like the NHS will still be able to contact them swiftly. The business reports this will be in place during this pandemic, so instructors can rebuild their diaries using the platform for free.

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