GoRoadie reaches driving instructors across the UK

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DUNDEE, UNITED KINGDOM. Dundee-based driving startup, GoRoadie, has recently received over ten requests from driving instructors all across the United Kingdom. The driving instructor platform has only officially launched in Dundee.

“Until recently, we have been solely focussed in Dundee - helping hundreds of students find their ideal, trusted driving instructor.” Barry White, one of GoRoadie’s co-founders, explained “In the last week we received requests from all over the UK asking to sign up.”

The startup received requests from Birmingham, Edinburgh, Axminster, Cardiff and other areas in Southern England.

The driving instructor platform had primarily being focused on Dundee until May this year, and is now looking to accommodate the new driving instructors.

“We have been engaging with these new driving instructors, helping them create profiles that will add to their business. Early adoption of GoRoadie puts driving instructors in good stead for the future, and we will drive traffic to their profiles until we officially launch in those areas.”

The startup is now focusing on Glasgow, seeking driving instructors to come try out their new platform.

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