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DUNDEE, UNITED KINGDOM. GoRoadie, the Dundee based startup, have launched their brand new profiles that are designed with the learners mobile phone in mind. A major component for these new profiles is Instructor Verification which helps keep learner drivers safe - the business have put a large emphasis on this new feature.

New GoRoadie Profiles

"We have been wanting to redesign these profiles for a while as we initially did them back in 2016, so they are overdue a make-over" Michael Carr, one of GoRoadie's co-founders told us. "When we started this work, we new that ensuring students felt safe and secure booking through us was paramount. We spent extra time building a multi-layer verification process that allows learners to see how we have verified each instructor."

The company's new verification process looks over five key areas:

  1. The driving instructor is DVSA Listed.
  2. We have confirmed their details manually with the DVSA.
  3. The instructors vehicle has been verified as safe.
  4. We have seen the instructors badge and we have that on record.
  5. The instructor has been endorsed by other driving instructors.

"Using this new system means that students will be able to request driving lessons with greater peace of mind." Michael continued. "We have always said keeping students safe is our top priority and these new changes are aligned with our values."

The startup is continuing to focus on expanding their offering and grow their martket place into new locations across Scotland.

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