GoRoadie and MyFirstUK work together to bring learner drivers their own car insurance

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DUNDEE, UNITED KINGDOM. Driving Instructor finding website, GoRoadie joins forces with Learner Driver insurance provider MyFirstUK to provide learners with the opportunity to get their own car insurance from day one.

The Sunday Times GoRoadie Article

MyFirstUK is a learner driver specialist insurer. They cater for options to learn in both your own vehicle, as well as either a friend or family members car. Their team of experts will guide you through the process to ensure you get the most cost-effective and correct level of cover.

“MyFirstUK’s innovative Hybrid Policy really drew us to them. We strive to give learners a great experience, and MyFirstUK brilliantly demonstrates this by taking away stress and making the experience of getting insured as smooth as possible.“ Michael Carr, GoRoadie co-founder explained. “With making insurance accessible for learners all the way through to continued insurance after they pass their driving test - it’s the simplest solution out there for learners.”

When it comes to partnering with automotive businesses, MyFirstUK is just the start.

Through their partnership with this innovative insurance platform, GoRoadie is not only helping learners pick their driving instructor but now are able to help them with private practice.

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