Boost for Driving Instructors as Innovative Platform Wins Big

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DUNDEE, UNITED KINGDOM. Award-winning startup GoRoadie took home a £40,000 prize from an intense innovation competition. GoRoadie, an online platform which partners with driving instructors to keep their diaries full, were announced as winners at the Scottish EDGE online ceremony.

The team were pitching against 342 other UK technology companies where there were 16 selected winners. “It’s brilliant that we were able to take home this prize as EDGE is highly competitive, past winners have gone on to build inspirational businesses, we aim to do the same.”

The win allows the service to expand into more cities across the UK, bringing their easy-to-use platform to more instructors. “We know how difficult being an instructor is, and that’s why it’s our mission to be the service that makes their day-to-day easier and to fundamentally boost their earnings.” Michael Carr, CEO of GoRoadie, told us.

“GoRoadie has seen over 100,000 users in the last 12 months and are connecting learners with their instructor across the country, and now with this win we will hire additional employees so we can help instructors faster than ever before. Instructors that are using us are seeing their hourly rate increase within 12 months, and we expect to continue this trend with new tools and features we develop.”

Michael explains what differentiates GoRoadie from other companies. “Unlike similar services, GoRoadie is committed to working with instructors by boosting their business and boosting their earnings on their terms.”

Heather Taylor of Eclipse School of Motoring in Leeds has accepted over 15 pupils from the service explains, “Since joining GoRoadie I haven't had to do any advertising and my diary has picked up considerably.”

Whilst Les Peel, Silver City School of Motoring, Aberdeen has praised the service for it’s pay-as-you-go model “I’m paying a franchise £50 per week for referrals and I’m getting far more and better pupils from GoRoadie.”

Scottish EDGE awards high growth potential businesses with more than £1 million in funding. The programme is supported by the Hunter Foundation, Royal Bank of Scotland and the Scottish Government. Entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter of the eponymous Hunter Foundation said he was “delighted” that Scottish Enterprise has stepped up by providing an additional £500,000 loan to be shared among the winners.

Founded in 2017 by Michael Carr and Barry White, the UK-based company helps learner drivers search, compare and book their ideal driving instructor. It also allows instructors to easily manage their students, keeping all necessary contact details in one, safe place.

GoRoadie has recently successfully launched its service in Liverpool with Manchester and Birmingham planned for later in 2020.

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