About GoRoadie Driving Instructor Reviews

About GoRoadie Reviews

Reviews are pretty standard in online services these days. At GoRoadie we wanted to build something a little more comprehensive, slightly different from the average review system. We allow students that booked through GoRoadie to give driving instructors reviews when they feel appropriate.

A key difference to our review service is that we allow learner drivers to give private feedback to driving instructors. We believe this will build better relationships with driving instructors and learners, as well as helping the driving instructor continuously improve their service.

How GoRoadie private feedback works.

First of, we ask your students several questions: one public review question which everyone can see, then a score out of 5 - the usual.

Then, we ask for private information that goes straight to you. No one else can see this. We ask two questions:

What was the best thing about learning with Instructor's Name?

Where do you think Instructor's Name could improve?

We focus on improvements during these questions, you learn what you did best, and you learn what you could change to improve.

Other Reviews

In order to give potential students a fuller picture we also show reviews from other platforms such as Yell, Facebook, Free Index and other websites.