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Most popular driving instructors in Nottingham

We have reviewed and noted which driving instructors and schools have been booked more on GoRoadie over the last 12 months.

Popular Driving Instructors in Nottingham, Photo by Nicola Nuttall

During this stormy February, we set our sights on Nottingham and to see who are the most popular driving instructors in the area. We have been through the list, and are now ready to reveal who they are, explain why they are so popular.

It's time to celebrate the top driving instructors in Nottingham over the last 12 months!

1. Waseem Haider

Waseem takes the top spot for the most requested driving instructor in the Nottingham area in the last 12 months. Waseem has over 5 years experience to his name. With solid reviews on his profile, and often seen working 7 days per week - he is committed to making sure learner drivers are as safe as possible on the road.

Waseem has a good example of his past pupils, stellar reviews and speaks several languages too.

Smartpass Driving School offer intensive courses, pass plus, and even refresher courses. Discounts are available!

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2. Joslyn Thoms

Just by looking at Joslyn's profile, it's easy to understand why he is so popular. With over 10 years experience and ensuring that his pupils not only learn but have fun during their time with him, Joslyn is an obvious choice for Nottingham learner drivers. Josyln reports, that he has a pass rate of 90%.

Josyln teaches in a Nissan Micra, and is available for bookings.

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3. Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins comes in at number 3. Adrian is one of the most professional instructors in the Nottingham area. He is thorough with his pupils and ensures that they learn in a safe and comfortable environment. Adrian teaches in a Black Peugeot 208 which you can see on his profile. His profile is filled with glowing reviews that would make the most anxious of learner drivers feel at ease.

Adrian is a committed instructor that teaches between 5 and 7 days per week. He does intensive courses, pass plus and even teaches other driving instructors.

Adrian also offers block discounts.

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4. Ajith Kalarikkal

Ajith's goal is to bring his learner drivers to the highest possible standards so they are the safe drivers for life. Ajith has remarkable 5 star reviews on his profile and state that he always made the learner drivers feel at ease and offered pointers in the right moment. Ajith has a very encouraging personality and is passionate about his students progress.

Ajith teaches Semi-Intensive courses, refresher courses and UK Familiarity for International drivers.

There are block booking discounts available.

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5. Mizan Choudhury

Even at number five, Mizan is a very popular driving instructor in the Nottingham area. Mizan is a light hearted instructor, however can be strict when he needs to be. Driving a Citroen C5, Mizan has over 13 years experience as a professional driving instructor. Often found working 7 days a week, he is a committed to ensuring his learner's are passing first time and becoming safer drivers. Mizan has amazing 5 star reviews on his profile that show why pupils continue to flock in his direction.

Mizan offers several different services like intensive, winter driving and instructor training.

Mizan is available and offers discounts.

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These are the most popular instructors in Nottingham. Of course, you can see all our Nottingham driving instructors on GoRoadie and book your first lesson today.

Learning to drive? Look no further than GoRoadie for Nottingham driving lessons.

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