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Tremendous new scheme aims to help financially burdened instructors

Two ADIs, Bobbie Hicks and Susan McDonald have created a scheme aimed to help driving instructors that are struggling financially during the current crisis.

We did it by Natalie Pedigo

The scheme has been set up to help those instructors that have fallen between the cracks in the UK Government's support schemes. So far, the scheme has raised more than £23,500.

Bobbie and Susan are asking for each driving instructor to donate as little as £5 (via GoFund Me) or even a monthly Direct Debit. With around 38,000 registered instructors, this would go a long way to helping those in need.

Sue McDonald, an independent Driving Instructor from Billingham in Teesside, told us:

“During the first lockdown a lot of ADI and PDI’s were saying how much they were struggling to make ends meet as they were not entitled to any financial help and were unable to earn a living due to restrictions imposed. Some of these people were really struggling and seemed quite desperate." She continued. “In November, as we entered a second lockdown, I noticed a lot of people again starting to worry about how they were going to survive yet another lockdown without help and started to think of a way I could help. I decided to ask a small Facebook group for their opinion on setting up a fund to help the ‘forgotten ones’ and found that many people were willing to donate."

Bobbie Hicks has been a driving instructor for 27 years, during that time she also trained as an Accident Investigator and a Fleet trainer:

“For a while during the second lockdown, I was thinking about setting up a Go Fund me page to help all the ADI’s and PDI’s whose stories I was coming across on Facebook. I saw Susan McDonald’s post about a similar idea and contacted her and this project was started. It seems like a scary thing to do, but we cannot live in fear. We took the bull by the preverbal horns and launched the Go Fund me page.”

How to get involved

NASP very generously offered their time, experience and facilities and are now working alongside Susan & Bobbie to help the fund progress and they are all immensely grateful to Marmalade Insurance who has been the largest donor so far with a massive £10,000.

Donations can be made by following this link. All donations, no matter how big or small, will be gratefully accepted to help this very valuable cause.

Alternatively, you can donate directly into the fund using the following details:

Bank - NatWest,
Account Name – Helping ADI & PDI’s,
Sort Code – 54-21-54,
Account No – 35283769.

How do I request support?

The application process is straight forward, to receive an application you can email

The grants will range from up to £500 per individual. Funding amounts available will be at the discretion of the funding panel.

The criteria and application form will require the following information:

  • an up-to-date copy of the applicant’s green badge or pink licence
  • any relevant documentation requested or to support the application
  • evidence of refusal of government support
  • a brief explanation of the reasons why the ADI/PDI believes they are suitable to apply for assistance from the fund
  • Bank account details (This must be a UK bank account)
  • A copy of the applicants driving licence or passport for photographic evidence

The process is expected to take no more than 4 to 6 weeks, as they understand how important these funds are.