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Driver Training Industry Roundabout, 22 October 2020

This week sees the Wales "firebreak" and further lockdown restrictions in Northern Ireland put a stop to driving lessons yet again, the RSA in Ireland asks pupils to give up tests in favour of key workers, Scottish learners are heading to England for their theory test and GoRoadie wins coveted prize at innovation competition.

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Driving lessons stop in Wales and Northern Ireland

As coronavirus continues to re-emerge across the United Kingdom the Welsh and NI governments are taking measures similar to the lockdown we saw in through summer.

What this means is both driving lessons and tests are now stopped, and only available for key workers. This is a huge blow to instructors, who are now wondering how they're going to pay their bills.

Instructor associations in Norther Ireland are reaching out to their infrastructure minister having felt forgotten in these new rules (via the BBC). Many across the country will remember feeling the same way during the first outbreak, where it was very difficult to get clear guidance from the DVSA.

Along with driving lessons, the hospitality sector is essentially shut down for all but take-aways and accommodation businesses are closed (See more on

Many think this could be a sign of things to come for the rest of the country, especially when we are seeing cities likes Manchester and Liverpool move into Level-3 lockdown restrictions.

RSA ask learners to give up their test dates to essential workers

For the next 6 weeks, the Road Safety Authority are trying to prioritise essential workers and are reaching out to current learners to give up their place (Via

Ireland is seeing the same sort of demand for driving tests as the UK is, with dates being booked up until January, but what this means is key workers are unable to get started any time soon.

Scottish learners booking theory tests in England to take advantage of earlier availability

Due to social distancing rules at England theory test centres being just 1 meter, rather than 2 meters in Scotland, more tests are being conducted giving better available dates.

Some learners are opting to travel down to Carlyle at the border, where they're conducting lot more theory tests.

If your'e a Scottish instructor and your learners are keen, it might be worth letting them know this is an option!

A boost for driving instructors as GoRoadie wins big at intense innovation competition

We're proud to announce that our team took home one of the 16 prizes on offer, beating out 342 other UK companies.

Michael Carr, founder of GoRoadie said It’s brilliant that we were able to take home this prize as EDGE is highly competitive, past winners have gone on to build inspirational businesses, we aim to do the same.

The cash prize allows us to expand in to more cities across the country. Up next: Manchester and Birmingham!

Read the full press release.