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Cheap Driving Lessons in Aberdeen

Want to find the most affordable prices for driving lessons in Aberdeen? Look no further, here's how to get the best prices.

Cheap Driving Lessons in Aberdeen, Photo by Morgan Skinner

If you're on a budget, but are keen to learn to drive sooner rather than later, GoRoadie makes it easy to find the best prices for driving lessons in Aberdeen.

The cheapest rates

When looking for the cheapest rates, the first think to know is to look beyond the hourly lesson price. The cheapest (and common) price is £30 per hour. However, it's possible to get driving lessons in Aberdeen for £27 per hour, if you block book.

Block booking lessons might sound risky, but you may be surprised to hear that the average amount of lessons someone needs before they pass their driving test is over 40! So when you see block bookings in 10, 20 and even 30 hour chunks, know that there's a good chance you will need them all.

It's also common for instructors to refund you any remaining lesson fees, if you turn out to be naturally skilled and a fast learner, resulting in you passing your driving test earlier than those 40 hours.

With that in mind, you can comfortably get driving lessons for £27 per hour.

It's also worth noting that even the most expensive of driving lessons still tend to range around £35 per hour (excluding block booking discounts), is only a 15% increase in cost, for what is a life skill.

Why do some driving instructors charge less?

You might be wondering why some instructors can a lot less than others and the simple reason is that some instructors are doing the job either part time, or as part of their retirement.

There's a large group of instructors out there that treat teaching people the life skill of driving as them giving back, therefore, they're only needing to charge enough to ensure they cover their costs and avoid undervaluing their colleagues.

The most affordable priced instructors in Aberdeen

David Brown, Aberdeen, £27 per hour

David's hourly rate is £31 per hour, but his block booking discounts make his rates super competitive, lower than a lot of instructors who charge £30 as standard and also offer block discounts.

He's been an instructor for 13 years, teaching driving in manual transmission cars.

Tehmina Irum, Aberdeen, £28 per hour

What makes Tehmina unique, is that she is an automatic instructor and it can be quite common (though becoming less so), that instructors who teach automatic, charge more. Tehmina's £28 per hour is highly competitive, not just as an automatic instructor, but as an Aberdeen driving instructor in general.

Learning to drive? Look no further than GoRoadie for Aberdeen driving lessons.

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