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5 techniques when managing Waiting Lists of potential new pupils

Currently in the driver training industry we are experiencing a boom like never before: full diaries, lesson filled days and the phone ringing non-stop. On top of managing your normal day to day, it’s not uncommon for ADIs to have waiting lists filled with 10, 20 or even 70 pupils! Managing these lists and pupil’s expectations can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you’re still aiming to deliver a world-class service.

Here are our 5 tips on how you can better serve your future customers:

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1. Set Expectations

Of course on that initial conversation over Facebook, WhatsApp or even a phone call, let them know about you, your business and the potential waiting times.

The client has picked you for a reason, they want to learn from you because they have heard great things or even had a personal recommendation. Let them know about you and your driving school and make them feel at ease. Get them excited about starting with you!

It’s worthwhile going over your core business practices, last minute cancellation policy and test duration policy. Plus it’s an opportunity for you to boast about why the pupil should stick around and wait for you.

When going over waiting times, it’s worth capturing their typical availability at the start and giving them a rough estimate of when you can get them on the road. Of course, be clear and set expectations, explain the issues with test slots and that the time may have to be adjusted. Put their mind at ease by letting them know that you’re going to keep them updated every step of the way.

Now you’ve invested the time to have that conversation with the client, you’ve built trust and the chance they'll stick around will be greater.

2. Theory, Theory, Theory

In order to streamline your business make sure you are putting your best foot forward. Let your pupil know that it's better to book their theory and get that done and dusted before taking lessons.

If you have resources like Theory Test Pro, or other apps and guides that you like to suggest, feel free to pass that over to them.

Online theory classes are becoming more common; why not check out Chris Bensted’s class on theory and enroll your pupil to help them pass their theory.

3. Check-in with them

To prevent your pupil from moving to another instructor, a key strategy is to check-in with them every 2 to 4 weeks. You can let them know if they are on track to start when they expected, find out how they are progressing with their theory and see if they have any questions for you.

This can be as simple as a short text:

Hi Simon,
This is John Smith, your driving instructor. I am just letting you know that I’ve had another 5 passes since we last spoke and you’re on track for learning in October 2021. How is your theory coming on? If you have questions just text them over.”

4. Pupil availability update

Having pupils on your waiting list for months carries some risk. Their availability and schedule can change in that time. That’s why we recommend that you check in with them, and when you do, ensure that you have the latest availability for them. Ask them if they have the same shift pattern, pick up location, and are still available at the times that they previously specified.

5. DVSA Updates

As a professional ADI, you want to have a solid reputation and strive for best practice. That means, whenever any sort of breaking news about driving tests occurs with the DVSA, let the pupil know. If there are theory test centre updates, let the pupil know. If tests are paused and creating a further backlog, let the pupil know. Building a strong relationship with your potential customers is a great way to build future income for your driving school.

Summary & Tips

This is a lot of extra work for ADIs, especially in these unprecedented times. GoRoadie Pro, does 99% of the above tasks for you with our Live Waiting List feature. You add the pupil to your waiting list;

  • We check in with them every 2-weeks, make sure they are still keen to learn with you
  • We supply them with your preferred resources (e.g. Theory Test Pro) and our own hand picked resources for them
  • And we even ask them to update their availability so when you come to get them started you can easily see what days suit them.