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Most popular driving instructors in Aberdeen

We breakdown the most popular driving instructors and driving schools in the Aberdeen area over the last 12 months.

Popular Driving Instructors in Aberdeen, Photo by Graham H

As 2020 starts, we looked through our Aberdeen instructors and found the instructors who were requested most and we break down why. Almost celebrating these popular instructors over the last 12 months.

1. Shaziya Sultana

Shaziya has been requested more than other Aberdeen driving instructor in the last 12 months. Her profile boasts photos of past pupils, has full availability and works 7 days a week! Shaziya's teaching is centred around building confidence, self reflection and support. Of course, Shaziya offers several services to pupils like Intensive, Defensive and Refresher courses.

There are block discounts available too.

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2. Justin Brown

It's easy to see why Justin is so popular on GoRoadie. Justin offers both automatic and manual driving lessons. He is known for his professionalism behind the wheel and commitment to road safety. Additionally, Justin is offers a money back guaranteed should he not meet your expectation or you're both simply not a good match - creating peace of mind.

Justin's profile boost great reviews, photos and services. Justin offers block discounts.

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3. Karen MacKinnon

Karen drives notable White DS3 and when you see the KAR-n-DRIVE sign, it's clear that Karen is around. Karen is our 3rd most popular instructor in Aberdeen on GoRoadie in the last 12 months. With plenty of experience, a down to earth attitude she has received plenty of requests from Aberdeen learners. Karen also teaches Pass Plus, Instructor training and Refresher courses.

Karen has plenty of reviews on her profile showcasing her ability as a top driving instructor and tons of photos of her past pupils to show of her track record.

Karen also offers block discounts.

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4. Karol Trzcinski

Karol has 4 years experience and is a highly motivated driving instructor. He is known for his knowledge on the road and specifically around the Aberdeen area. He likes to make learning fun for for pupils too. Karol has a Ford Fiesta, works 6-days a week and is committed to giving his learner drivers the best service possible. Karol also speaks Polish which is great for anyone who is looking to learn english for the practical test and for refresher lessons.

Karol teaches Pass Plus, Semi-Intensive and is endorsed by other local Aberdeen instructors.

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5. Scott Napier
Driversity Driver Training Ltd

To be fair, this is a tie with number 4!

Scott is a seasoned driving instructor who continuously pushes himself to be better. Scott is known by the other instructors for his knowledge, experience and patient manner. He is always honest with his pupils, and gives positive feedback when needed. Scott has solid reviews on his profile show casing his ability as an instructor. Scott teaches in and around Aberdeen area, offers services like Pass Plus and his profile showcases a wealth of learn drivers that have passed with him.

When with Scott, you're in safe hands for sure.

Driversity Driver Training Ltd offer discounts for block bookings.

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These are the most popular instructors in Aberdeen. Of course, you can see all our Aberdeen driving instructors on GoRoadie and book your first lesson today.

Learning to drive? Look no further than GoRoadie for Aberdeen driving lessons.

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