Night Time Driving in Aberdeen


If you never had driving lessons at night, it's worth taking a couple of driving lessons to get used to driving in the night. Driving instructors will be happy to take you through a night driving course to build your confidence and experience in a safe environment.

Driving conditions are remarkably different in the night time, vision is reduced and it can be more difficult to spot hazards such as bends and junctions and to see vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.

If you are driving at times when you would usually be asleep then you are in much greater danger of falling asleep behind the wheel.

Road casualty statistics show that 40% of collisions occur in the hours of darkness. If you’re not used to driving at night or have very little mileage under your belt, you’re particularly vulnerable when driving in the dark. With that in mind, it’s essential that you know the risks of night-time driving and how to mitigate them – these driving at night tips are here to help.

Tips to help your night time driving:

  • Lights - It is illegal to drive at night without fully functioning front and rear lights.
  • Tiredness - Falling asleep while driving is a significant factor at night and accounts for 20% of serious road accidents in the UK.
  • Slow Down - When driving at night, travel slower than you normally might to better see what’s coming up and react accordingly.
  • Visibility - With less visibility it is obviously harder to see on the road. Your driving instructor will give you tips to help driving in these conditions.
  • Extra training - Your driving instructor will help with techniques for driving at night.
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