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Community of the Year The Driving Instructor Trainers Collective

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Our award for Community of the Year goes to The Driving Instructor Trainers Collective (The DITC). A huge congratulations to them. It's well deserved after all their hard work throughout 2020.

The DITC have worked relentlessly throughout 2020 to help communicate with driving instructors up and down the country.

The innovative new operation allows them to update members with speed and share expertise unlike anything before.

From the winners

The Driving Instructor and Trainers Collective (The DITC) are excited to accept the award for Community of the Year. This has been one of the most challenging and difficult year's in our life time and to have been recognised for our support of ADIs and PDIs across the country is humbling.

For us and many of our colleagues this COVID journey started with a video that Chris filmed in a moments realisation that he and thousands of others just didn't know. At that moment nobody had spoken out and we waited to receive guidance - some feel we are still waiting. Since then we have received 1000s of contacts who were looking for somewhere to go for information, support and guidance, but weren't sure where or how to connect.

During the pandemic the DITC contacted Insurance companies to organise support for Driving Instructors that may need to use vehicles for roles outside their usual use. A number of companies stepped up and worked with us to operate inside of the new situation.

We maintained wide reaching communications between the national associations, DVSA and the 75% of the industry that doesn't usually engage and were at risk of being out of touch.

Working with TOTUM PRO we have secured DITC members (both ADIs and PDIs) recognition as professional learners. Giving them access to £100’s of student deals and savings from McDonald's to Apple to Amazon as well as benefits at local businesses.

We would also like to acknowledge the support we have had from DVSA, ADINJC and DIA who's information we were able to draw on during these challenging months.

The DITC will continue to grow and become the premier communication and information hub for the driver training sector. We are developing opportunities for our members and information to help the wider community be better informed and united.

We thank you for your support and wish you all a successful 2021.

Chris Bensted & Ian Brett

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Highly Commended

A worthy mention for Community of the Year is I'm a Driving Instructor (ADI or PDI) & I'm on Facebook. This vast Facebook group is the vibrant heart and soul of the UK's driver instructor trainer. It's clearly the place to be for any ADI or PDI in this industry, filled with instructors sharing experiences, who are clearly passionate about what they do.

All GoRoadie Award 2020 Winners

ADI of the Year - England

ADI of the Year England goes to the hard working Mizan Choudhury from Mizan School of Motoring.

Commended: Joslyn Thoms

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ADI of the Year - Scotland

Gemma McIntosh from Dundee is winning the coveted ADI of the Year Scotland award whilst staying popular whilst becoming an independent instructor. Nice job!

Commended: Neil David

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ADI of the Year - Wales

ADI of the Year Wales is awarded to Cardiff based driving instructor Paul Pirvu. Well Done, you've done great this year.

Commended: Richard Spiers

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Association of the Year

A massive congratulations to Aberdeen & District Driving Schools Association for winning Association of the Year.

Commended: Hinckley & District Driver Trainers Association

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Car of the Year

Car of the Year is awarded to Ford Fiesta. The ever popular vehicle with learner drivers is still going strong.

Commended: Vauxhall Corsa

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Community of the Year

Community of the Year goes to the exciting new initiative, The Driving Instructor Trainers Collective (The DITC). Massive congratulations.

Commended: I'm a Driving Instructor (ADI or PDI) & I'm on Facebook

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CPD Provider of the Year

A well-deserved win for Tri-Coaching Partnership taking away our award for CPD Provider of the Year. Their content is relevant, keeping instructors informed at every turn.

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Electric Vehicle of the Year

Congratulations to Kia eNiro for winning Electric Vehicle of the Year.

Commended: Renault Zoe 50kWh

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Industry Partner of the Year

A very warm congratulations to FBTC for helping instructors through this hard time, listening to their needs and for that, they have won Industry Partner of the Year.

Commended: Theory Test Pro

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Publisher of the Year

Intelligent Instructor has won Publisher of the Year - they're content is as fresh as ever and are keeping instructors in the loop when it matters.

Commended: Newslink

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