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Pro ADI Live

Date & Time: Tuesday October 5th 2021 @ 7pm
Video Call Tool: Zoom

This October we are running a free virtual CPD session for all ADIs featuring Bob Morton, Chris Bensted, Howard Floyd, and Terry Cook.

Join us for FREE for 2 hours of “TED Talks” and interviews focussed on the driver training industry.

Starting 7pm on Tuesday October 5th 2021.

The Line Up:

Bridget Johns
Bob Morton, 8:30pm - Steps on Ensuring You Pass your Part 3 & Standards Check Bob will be interviewed by Chris Bensted on the do's and don'ts for passing your part 3. Join us for what is likely to highly engaging conversation on how to ensure your standards check and part 3. Recommended for all ADIs and PDIs.
Graham Hooper
Howard Floyd, 8:00pm - How to build a driving school Howard will be interview by Michael Carr from GoRoadie, finding out Howard's journey from being a 1 person driving school to a 30+ person driving school. Tune in to this session for key actionable items if you're looking to expand your school.
Graham Hooper
7:55pm - Tea Break Winners of our Grand Prize announced
Graham Hooper
Terry Cook, 7:30pm - Alternative Routes to Growing Your Driving Business Terry from The Instructor Podcast and TCDrive will dive into alternative routes to growing your business outside of becoming a local franchise.
Graham Hooper
Chris Bensted, 7:05pm - The Future of the Industry Kicking the event off will be Chris Bensted from The DITC and Better Driver Training. He will be explaining how the industry will evolve in the coming months and years in terms of the DVSA, national associations right down to the individual instructor.
Graham Hooper
7:00pm - Intro by Michael Carr Michael will intro each of the speakers and explain the free prizes to be given out.

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