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What your pupil sees once added to GoRoadie Pro

When you add a pupil to GoRoadie Pro, they get access to their own app.

Key Features of the GoRoadie pupil app

  1. Lesson reminders: Pupils are notified before your lesson cancellation window expires, as well as the day before their next lesson. This uses our innovative Lesson Check-In system, so you know a learner is commited to their next lesson, reducing the risk of a no-show or late cancallation.
  2. Lesson progress and notes: If you use the GoRoadie Pro progress tracker, and add lesson notes before or after a lesson, they are synced to the pupils app so they can refer back. Learners really love to see the skills they're progressing in, so they know what to practice and when they're test-ready.
  3. Lesson history: Pupils get access to a list of all past and upcoming lessons, so they never forget a thing.
  4. Update availability: Pupils can updated when they're next free. Useful for you planning your week ahead, especially for shift-workers.
  5. Digital terms and conditions: If you opt-in to use it, pupils are asked to agree to terms and conditions, digitally. This saves you on time and paper.

You’ve added a new pupil, now let’s look at how the process of signing up appears to your pupils.

New pupils will receive a message inviting them to create their own account.

If you selected to send your terms and conditions, this is where they’ll be provided for students to read and agree to.

Next, pupils will be prompted to fill in some details, including their driving licence number, and a profile picture. These will sync to your pupils profile in GoRoadie Pro.

Your pupil also gets access to the GoRoadie pupil app, which works similarly to GoRoadie Pro.

On the GoRoadie app home screen, pupils can easily see their next lesson and their latest feedback & progress.

The full breakdown of their progress can be viewed in the progress tab, and pupils will receive an email notification when you provide a new lesson review or share notes.

Pupils can view all their upcoming lessons to stay on track, and will also receive two lesson reminder notifications—one before your cancellation window expires, and another the day before the lesson—at which point, pupils are provided with Lesson Check-In and can update their COVID-19 risk assessment, if requested.

Payment history helps pupils stay on top of their finances, and syncs with their lesson history to clearly mark what lessons have been paid for, and what lessons are still awaiting payment.