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How to record pupil progress and lesson notes in GoRoadie Pro

Keeping up-to-date with how your pupils are improving is made easy with our intuitive Progress Tracker and quick Lesson Notes.

After you’ve marked a lesson as complete, tap ‘update progress’ to bring up the progress tracker. Here, you can score your pupils' performance on the core skills, from one, “Introduced” through to five, “Independent”. You’ll see their most recent progress outlined making it easy to compare and assess their improvement over time.

Next you’ll be given the option to add a note, such as key takeaways, things to practice before the next lesson or what your pupil would like to do in the next lesson.

You can choose to use the progress tracker, lesson notes, or a combination. GoRoadie Pro fits your teaching style.

Pupil profiles show a comprehensive summary of overall progress, which you can update at any time. The simple visuals of the tracker clearly highlight your pupils strengths and challenges, so you both know where to focus in upcoming lessons.

The overall progress gives a reliable measure of their ability, making it easy to tell when your pupil is test-ready.

Progress and Lesson Notes are shared with your pupil and they are reminded of these right before your next lesson, saving you time on communication.

Step by Step

  1. Once the lesson has finished, you can mark the lesson as delivered. "Lesson delivered"
  2. Pop in the payment details or choose to skip.
  3. From here you can now select to update progress or lesson notes. You can do either or none - it's up to your personal preference.
  4. The progress and notes will be sent to the pupil so they can review themselves.