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How to record lesson payments in GoRoadie Pro

It's simple to record, and keep track of, lesson payments and block package time.

Step by step:

  1. From the Lesson Details mark the lesson as "Delivered" and you’ll be asked to record a payment.
  2. Select the payment method, or you can choose to skip recording the payment and the lesson will still be marked as paid.
  3. Payments can be recorded as a single lesson or as a block package. GoRoadie Pro will keep track of the remaining time your pupil has, which can be found at any time on their profile as "Unused package time". Read more about how GoRoadie Pro works with block package time.
  4. You can offer packages at different rates by adding multiple packages, with the same duration, from the "Pricing" section in "Settings".
  5. Package time remaining will reduce automatically as the time is allocated to upcoming lessons. These lesson will be marked as "Prepaid", however it is still counted as being unused until. To deduct a lessons time from a pupils unused package time, choose "Deduct time" when marking the lesson as delivered.
  6. If you need to cancel a ‘prepaid’ lesson, the lesson time will be automatically added back. If the pupil cancels, last minute, you can still choose to deduct the lesson from their time.
  7. Record payments at any time straight from a pupil's Profile, or from the Quick Menu. Choose if you want the payment associated with a specific lesson, or tap "Skip".
  8. View all of your recorded payments in one place, within the Finances tab of GoRoadie Pro. View your recent activity, or tap on a payment to view details.

How package time works:

For each pupil you can see their total used and unused package time. Unused time breaks down as either time allocated to lessons — which we add a blue "Prepaid" label beside — or time remaining — which is when there are no more lessons planned that GoRoadie Pro can allocate time to.

We never assume Prepaid lessons have gone ahead, so the time is not recorded as used until you mark a lesson as delivered and choose the "Deduct from package time" option as the payment method.

When you choose to deduct package time for any given lesson, the lesson will change to have a green "Paid" label beside it. If there is not enough package time remining to cover upcoming lessons, you will see a yellow "Due" label.

For example, if a pupil has bought a 10 hour package but has 11 upcoming lessons, you can see when their package time will run out, as the next lesson will be labelled as "Due".